He is without a doubt the trailblazer in Gospel Reggae, and is known as Jamaica’s fastest lyrical speaking DJ.  His astounding international success and a hearty signature sound has established him as a visionary in Reggae music while being anchored adamantly in Kingdom building.

With a career spanning over twenty years, Papa San has emerged to the forefront in music and in ministry as a leader and an innovator continuing to push the envelope with enthralling rhythmic Dancehall music immersed in the Word.  This evolution is reflected in his continual presentation of poignant lyrics and in his dedication to the Gospel.

Papa San has successfully taken his Dancehall roots, his love for the traditional groove of reggae and a flare for banging the hard core beats of Hip Hop to become a Dove Award Nominated, Stellar Award, Marlin Award and World Music Award winning Caribbean artist who has garnered fans throughout the world.  A sample of his impressive catalog includes: Pray Fi Dem (1993 – RAS Records), No Place Like Home (1995 – VP Records), Victory (1999 – Gospel Centric) peaking at #5 on the Top Reggae Albums, Real & Personal (2005 – Gospel Centric), God & I (2003 – Gospel Centric), and Higher Heights (2009 – Habakkuk/Beloved Records) which topped Billboard’s Top Reggae Albums at #4 and Top Gospel Albums at #19. 

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