Here are a few ways we can help you.

Music Publishing Administration

From copyright to performing rights organization registration, to Soundcloud monetization and auditing, we help artist administer their music publishing to create sustainable revenue streams. Using their primary asset – their music – we endeavor to assist artists and labels to establish and keep creative control.

Digital Distribution

As an artist or label, the importance of distributing your project is paramount. In the new music industry, fans of music are discovering music on a wide array of digital platforms from Spotify to SoundCloud. We give people the opportunity to discover your music – to move them from casual listener to “super fans”. 

Artist/Label Services

Our team here at The Inaxxs Group understands what it takes to create a successful project. Our experience in the music business coupled with our experience in content development creates a platform of success for a project that you believe in. From start to finish, our team works with you in developing your project and making it ready for release to the world. 

Disclosure: Not all services available at all times. We are consultants, not attorneys at law.

Wanna Be // Drew Smith - A Dream Never Dies
  1. Wanna Be // Drew Smith - A Dream Never Dies