Live at The Yost Theater

TrueSound & MJEC Productions put on an event to cap off the year featuring some of Hip-hop's best emcee's and DJs!
Date : Dec / 10 / 2016
Time : Doors open at 5pm / Starts at 6pm
Address : 387 North Spurgeon Street Santa Ana, CA
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Live at Yost Theater

The Yost Theater

Join some of Hip-hop’s best emcees and DJs for this year end event at the legendary Yost Theater in Cali. Hosted by JGivens and featuring Wordsplayed, Propaganda, Lawren, Wxnder Y, and special guest Ruslan, this event also features some of Hip-hop’s notable DJs – DJ Aslan, DJ Efechto, and DJ Promote. You don’t want to miss this event!

Wanna Be // Drew Smith - A Dream Never Dies
  1. Wanna Be // Drew Smith - A Dream Never Dies